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Learn more about how I can help you to tap into your own magnificent health & well-being and to have greater emotional resilience and confidence!

I am 'The Crappy to Happy Doc' for busy women that exposes stress, and I am truly passionate about my message. Most people don’t know that stress is the ‘silent killer’ and cause of 95% of chronic disease, which includes symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, hormonal problems, sugar imbalances, anxiety, and weight gain.

Busy women engage me to guide them to overcome these symptoms on their health journey to empower themselves to feel amazing, look amazing, and have plenty of energy and vitality!


That Listens...

Becoming well, whole, and wise is a journey and I am the guide that has gone ahead of the curve to discover what works, and what doesn’t so that now, you can learn in months what took me decades to embody by trial and error and professional training. We are burdened with a healthcare system that doesn’t listen, prevent or reverse disease.

If you are tired of searching ‘Dr. Google’ for your answers, your search can stop here today. Tired of ‘pill for an ill’ surface symptom suppression without addressing the root cause? Outdated science and confusing food and nutrition messaging? We all deserve better than this!

I struggled with severe hair loss, muscle cramping, constipation and gut issues, lack of focus, poor sleep, weight gain especially as menopause progressed, but all of my conventional testing said 'normal' come back next year - I was frustrated and concerned.

But when I retrained in functional medicine and applied my gifts of holistic knowledge and intuitive awareness, I was able to turn around my downward spiraling health trajectory and reverse these symptoms at their root causes.


having more:

After working with many busy women, like myself and exceeding even my own expectation for their amazing results, I have created a proprietary whole body, mind, and spirit program - The 5R's Principles for taking control of stress called, WELL WHOLE WISE.

This program is a ‘metabolic reset’ that supports a mild detox of your body as you are learning how to use ‘Food as Medicine’ and lifestyle skills and habits that will support you over your entire lifetime to maintain better health and well being.

It also brings in the holistic aspects of ‘renewing your mind’, to help you to take back the steering wheel of your own mind, focus your attention and to feel inspired and empowered from within. To release fear and experience more courage, joy, self-acceptance and inner peace. This requires developing skills for developing greater mental agility and emotional resilience which are a part of the journey.

The Principles

consists of the 5 R’s:


Food as Medicine

Understanding nutrition
as a key supporter of healing and health

– Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

– Optimizing Digestion

– The Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms



Thyroid, Adrenal, Sex Hormones – how stress creates, dysfunction, chronic disease, and aging, little known causes of inflammation

– Mindset Mastery

– Naturally Improve and Optimize Sleep

(Revise your story)


Mental Agility, Emotional Resilience, Personal Transformation

– Activate Your Vagus Nerve to Improve Stress

– The Autonomic Nervous System

– Optimizing Breathing and Breath Work

(Restore Balance)

Lifestyle and Metabolism

Personal Habits,
Circadian Rhythm

– Joyful Movement and Exercise

– Best Tools for Creating a Healthy Home

(Remember who you really are)


The forgotten Superpower of the Essence Self, Gene Keys, and The Shadow as Ally with Wisdom Gifts

– Facet Healing (with Introduction to The Gene Keys) -What Causes Self-Sabotage?


Signature Group Program

Reduce Stress, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Sugar Imbalances and Weight Gain in 10-weeks or Less

"I am on week 4 and I am feeling great!"

My energy is back and my ability to concentrate has improved as well; I am also sleeping longer hours. I am no longer struggling with anxiety and moodiness.

My appetite is under control, and I no longer have to take the prescription medication I had been taking to control my carbs and sugar cravings. I am also learning a lot of new health information about foods that are healthy and what is not. And, I am just getting started, this is great! Thank you!


"I had debilitating fatigue, mood swings, and inflammation..."

Valencia Ray is a knowledgeable professional who has helped me recover from adrenal fatigue.

I didn’t know where to turn for help, but with her skillful guidance I have started to recover and my symptoms have greatly improved.

I am recovering from debilitating fatigue, mood swings, and inflammation. She has so much helpful info to share!

Sarah F.

"Valencia Ray brings health to body, mind, and spirit."

I’ve never had a health practitioner be so thorough and partner with me through the ups and downs of adapting to a new healthier way of life.

She is highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable about how the ego and facets of personality can sabotage progress.


Meet The


Meet Valencia Ray, MD


I’m 'The Crappy to Happy Doc' that exposes stress as the silent killer and cause of 95% of chronic disease, which includes symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, hormonal problems, sugar imbalances, anxiety, and even weight gain! Most people don’t know this.

Busy women engage me to guide them to overcome these symptoms on their health journey to empower themselves to feel amazing, look amazing, and have astonishing energy and vitality!

Meet Mary Myers

Mary is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and is additionally certified in Ketogenic & Carnivore Nutrition & Fasting Strategies. She specializes in diabetes management & prevention.

She has a certification from Duke Integrative Medicine program in Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Foundation Course. She attends multiple Low Carb/Keto medical conferences a year to stay up to date on all the newest research.

After living all over the US and overseas, she currently lives in Idaho with her husband & five dogs and enjoys having her grown children visit.

As an ex-collegiate gymnast, Mary has been active and in shape most of her life. She was running 1/2 and full marathons into her mid 30’s and was still gaining weight! She was frustrated and stuck because everything she did/was told to do didn’t work! Mary didn’t feel good, was overweight and miserable. She discovered she was severely insulin resistant and hypoglycemic. Talk about an ‘aha moment,’ everything started making sense!

She started doing tons of research and taught herself about the importance of insulin. She made a change and it was like flipping a switch from miserably existing to actually LIVING! She lost 60 pounds, reversed my insulin resistance, and truly hasn’t felt this good in more than 20 years! She looks forward to helping others get to a point where they feel as good as she does!

Mary's Weight Loss Journey 'Before & After' Photos.

Meet Holly & Leah

Holly and Leah started their Keto journeys together in 2017.

With each other’s support, they made it through the initial adjustments of beginning a new lifestyle, carrying each other through missteps, and celebrating each other’s success with weight loss and healthy living.

The following year, both Leah and Holly hit a crossroads in their professional careers and personal lives. With their children getting older, they found themselves yearning to do something that would give them a sense of fulfillment, and sharing what they had learned, accomplished, and changed while following the Ketogenic Diet with others seemed like the perfect place to land.

After years of struggling with her weight, body image and experimenting with various restrictive diets and new workout plans, she was introduced to the Ketogenic diet. Like Leah, and like many, she was hesitant at first, having never heard of a high healthy fat diet for weight loss. After doing some research of her own Holly was ready to jump in headfirst and did so with Leah by her side. Within a couple of weeks, she began to not only see major changes in her body, but she also started to feel these changes in her life. As a wife and mother of 2, Holly wanted to share the Keto lifestyle with those she loved, ensuring healthy living for all. This desire has only grown, and as Holly continues to educate herself and share her knowledge with those who want to make the Keto switch.

Holly & Leah's Weight Loss Journey 'Before & After' Photos

Leah’s Keto journey began in 2017 when her friend and trainer suggested the Ketogenic Diet during a training session. At first, she was skeptical. Having experimented with other trending diets and health plans before, she found that she was not meeting her desired weight loss goals, and was left feeling lethargic, unhappy, and without mental clarity. Though these other diet plans had left her feeling miserable and hungry, Leah decided to give the Ketogenic Diet a try. She approached Keto with cautious optimism and a strong desire to become healthier for not only herself but also her family. As a wife, a mother of 2, and a full-time RN, Leah decided to change her life for the better (and the healthier), and so her Keto journey began. In a few short months, Leah lost weight, felt energized, experienced increased mental clarity, and, most importantly, enjoyed eating again.

“I believe that life is fluid and our goal is to be happy and healthy humans. My journey is ongoing, I don’t intend to stop learning, teaching, and helping those to be their best, healthiest version of themselves.”


Tiffany is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and received her training at Bauman Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts College in Berkeley, CA., graduating with honors. She thrives in supporting others through lifestyle modification and behavior change to lead to big results.

Tiffany entered the Nutrition Consultant program when she decided to change careers to pursue her passion for health and wellness. Prior to that transition, Tiffany had a career in the accounting and finance industry, first working in corporate finance, then owning an accounting business for 10 years, which supported small business owners.

Tiffany changed directions to explore a personal passion of helping others to achieve their health and wellness goals, through preventative health programs, one-on-one coaching and nutrition small groups. Tiffany’s previous professional experience, and personal life as a wife and mom, allows her to better connect with busy women who are often managing their careers, families and other obligations – all while striving to reach their best health.

Tiffany has a deep passion for working with women, as they are often the gatekeepers to improving the health of their families and communities, when first prioritizing their own health. Tiffany focuses on educating, encouraging and empowering women to achieve their health goals while advocating for better support, understanding and communication from their medical care providers.

Tiffany focuses on connecting with each client and truly understanding their desires for change, along with understanding how to best support them through their challenges.

Tiffany holds an MBA in Business Management and a BS in Finance both from Florida A&M University. Tiffany resides in Concord, CA with her husband and daughter, where they have settled after residing in Dallas, TX and Brooklyn, NY. Tiffany is a native of Milwaukee, WI.